Transitioning from a Brick-and-mortar Store to a Click-and-mortar Business in the Pandemic

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When classifying businesses in the retail industry, we instantly categorize them into physical and online stores. But did you know that there is a third key player in the retail sector? That is the click-and-mortar business. As the name suggests, a click-and-mortar business has both a physical and online store. In recent years, many entrepreneurs have jumped … Read more

Wellness Is Key: The Impact of Corporate Wellness Programs

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Medical expenses are just one aspect of an employee’s well-being, which account for 70 to 90 percent of health care expenditure. A more productive workforce is in better physical and mental condition when a business avoids health hazards and modifies its policies. Chronic illnesses caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices cost companies more than $1 trillion … Read more

Why a Job Hazard Analysis Matters

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About 2 million people die of work-related causes every year. Since the biggest threat to worker safety is their work environment, business leaders need to put proper precautions in place to protect them and prevent any accidents or injuries. What a Job Hazard Analysis Does As such, business owners must regularly conduct a job hazard analysis … Read more

How to Start a Health and Wellness Business


Healthcare is an important topic these days – it’s no surprise that there has been so much buzz around opening up new healthcare startups lately! The health and wellness industry encompasses any business in these industries: fitness, food/nutrition, weight loss programs, beauty products (makeup), personal care items like toothpaste or soap, and even alternative medicine … Read more

Ways Your Business Can Help Save the Planet

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Let us begin by debunking the myth that adopting environmentally friendly practices is expensive. It is, in reality, a sound investment that every business person should undertake. If you are a small businessman that believes that my company’s actions will be insignificant, you are mistaken. This is because even the smallest of efforts add up to … Read more