Sanitation and Hygiene: Why Dust Control Is Important in Healthcare Facilities

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Working in healthcare services can be hectic and exhausting. However, it’s also gratifying to know that you’re making a positive impact in people’s lives. But as much as it’s challenging to stay on top of schedules, rules, resource control, and patient treatment, cleanliness is non-negotiable. Dust is physically and olfactory visible making it a significant … Read more

Emerging Technologies In The Complementary & Alternative Medicine Industry

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Amidst the global pandemic, people are becoming more and more health-conscious with each passing day, actively making healthier lifestyle decisions and seeking every possible method of guaranteeing their health and well-being. And apart from the standard of social distancing and wearing personal protective equipment such as face masks and shields, we are seeing more and … Read more

Seniors During Uncertain Times: Services Available for the Elderly Mid-Pandemic

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Seniors are among the vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 health crisis. They are more vulnerable to developing severe illness if they get infected with COVID-19. The physiological changes associated with aging make seniors more at risk. Note that more seniors already have underlying health conditions and already have a weaker immune system compared to adults. … Read more

How Communities Are Taking Charge When It Comes to Hygiene

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Good hygiene does not just benefit you but also the people around you. It helps control and mitigate diarrheal diseases as well as enhance community social outcomes. Proper hygiene protects us against a variety of infectious diseases that can otherwise be detrimental to our health. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and improves overall well-being. Improvements in … Read more

Understanding Food Security During the Pandemic

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, food insecurity was already a growing global problem. Come the year 2020, the issue of food insecurity increased all over the world. Food prices around the globe rose close to 20% in the past year. During this pandemic, food security is of utmost importance. Apart from dealing with the fear and anxiety … Read more

Providing Safe Healthcare Services to Non-COVID-19 Patients

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Globally, healthcare companies have been greatly affected by the growing demands of the coronavirus pandemic. Governments and health organizations have diverted medical staff and resources to facilitate and offer treatment for patients diagnosed or suspected of COVID-19. As a result, supplies and health staff dedicated to COVID-19 efforts have compromised other areas of health systems. … Read more

Good Hygiene Practices During a Pandemic

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Even though there are less than a hundred active cases in Singapore, people should remain vigilant and be socially responsible. They should also comply with social distancing guidelines and practice good personal hygiene. As a reminder, here are some excellent personal hygiene practices people can do during the pandemic. Wash Hands Frequently Washing the hands … Read more

How the Health Service Industry Adjusts to the Pandemic

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When COVID-19 became a global threat, the healthcare industry had to act quickly and figure out a way to continuously provide services and ensure the people’s health and safety are met, maintained, and recovered. Innovations in processes and business models had to be created to meet the fast-growing demands as cases increased and fear among … Read more