Are You Feeling Sore? These Explain Why

sore body

You know how it feels: you’ve worked hard for about 30 minutes and then feel as if you cannot stand up a few minutes after. Your body aches all over. Sometimes the repetitive pattern is frustrating that you may desire to quit working out altogether. Why do you feel sore, though? Well, it happens for … Read more

The repercussions of missing natural teeth

dentist concave mirror

Those persons who take a proactive approach to their dental health are aware of the importance of looking after their teeth. This means that they rarely miss a step in their at-home oral care, they eat a tooth-friendly diet, avoid using their teeth for any other purpose than eating food, and make sure to attend … Read more

6 Tips for Fighting Obesity

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Obesity is a health issue that’s diagnosed when the body accumulates a high percentage of fat, which has negative effects on health. People with a body mass index of 30 or higher are considered obese. Some causes of obesity are genetics, overeating (calorie intake is higher than what is burned through exercise or daily activities), … Read more

Medical Services Patients Can Have at Home

man and a doctor

Although medical services are the most needed during this time of the pandemic, it’s also the most scarcely offered. Hospitals are the ground zero of the virus, so medical institutions accept and prioritize those in critical conditions as much as possible. But just because of the continuing surge of the virus does not mean other … Read more