Where to Go Hiking in Italy

Woman on top of mountain

Italy is a famous food, history and culture destination. However, its beauty isn’t just in museums, churches and its quaint towns. The country also has some of the most spectacular and stunning mountains and landscapes in Europe. Thrill and adventure seekers will have several trails to choose from if they decide to hike. If you’re planning … Read more

5 Popular Taiwanese Snacks to Bring Home


Trek Effect has listed Taiwan as one of the 23 counties to visit at least once in your lifetime — and for good reason. Dubbed by the Portuguese as “Ilha Formosa” or “beautiful island” back in the 1500s, the heart of Asia is home to some of the most stunning sceneries in the world. A … Read more

Living the Van Life Without Losing Your Online Job

Van on the road

You’re missing a lot by staying indoors. There are plenty of natural wonders to discover, endless national parks to explore, and countless experiences to gain. However, you can’t finance this lifestyle if you lose your job. Thankfully, there are ways to keep your online job while you’re on the road living in a van. Here … Read more

The Top 3 Reasons to Go With Aluminum Fences

Black aluminum fence

Wood might be your initial choice for a fence or a gate. It can last long when installed professionally. And it can add to your property’s curb appeal. But wood tends to rot, and it can crack or warp over time. Now fences and gates made of metal, these structures not only withstand harsh elements. … Read more

How to Prepare for a Beautiful Final Farewell

Woman talking to a funeral director

People always want to prepare for everything in life, but one thing we are all reluctant to prepare for is our own deaths. But this is a reality that everyone has to accept, even for those who are in their mid-twenties. Many seniors know the importance of a funeral plan, and so they often consider … Read more

How to Throw the Perfect Movie Night

Girls watching a horror movie

Nothing is as fun as bonding with friends over a great movie. For one thing, you get to catch up on each other’s lives while watching the protagonist get away from his murderer. But aside from having a pizza takeaway in Singapore, what else do you need for the perfect movie party? Here are the steps … Read more