5 Reasons to Have a Root Canal Done

Woman in dentist chair

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the soft tissue inside your root canal, known as the pulp, becomes infected or inflamed. Also, tooth injuries may damage the pulp, which requires root canal treatment. People often fear dental visits because they don’t want to feel the pain associated with root canal treatment. However, it is dangerous … Read more

A New Abode: Designing Your Container Home

new gray mobile home container

When you want to downsize your lifestyle, you should start with finding a new home. But finding a small house is not always easy. When it comes to this, you might want to consider getting a new kind of abode: a container home. It is an excellent option if you are an advocate of an … Read more

Tips for Upgrading Your Car

Man smiling in his car

Your car is an extension of yourself. Thus, there is this inherent need to make it look awesome as much as possible. Its looks and appeal will speak a lot of things about you. However, there is one problem: Upgrading a car sounds like an expensive prospect. It is if you are not careful or … Read more

Best Fixes for Childproofing Your HVAC Registers

Air vent

Children have a knack of pinpointing which things they’re not supposed to touch and play with, and unfortunately, this applies to HVAC registers or vents. If you have a toddler, you’re probably tired of detaching and reattaching your vents to retrieve toys, paper bits, food and other things that your little one placed inside. Maybe … Read more

Top Tips for Home Renovation

Couple planning house renovation

Everyone’s home is their castle. When that castle gets on in years, it’s time to make a change—lots of changes. Of course, part of the challenge of home renovation in Singapore is that it can run you up a very high bill if you’re not careful about it. Understandably, it’s easy to let renovations get … Read more

Gratitude: A Cornerstone of Happiness

Doctor holding a thankful patient's hand

Gratitude is a natural response that comes at the heels of a kind gesture, a favor, the fulfillment of a promise, and a job well done. Gratefulness and the act of demonstrating it is a skill, however, and like most skills, it has to be practiced and perfected. Furthermore, saying, “thank you,” is more than … Read more

Moving Out for College – Going Through Adjustments

Student carrying her school stuff

Leaving home for college is both exciting and daunting. It signals the beginning of a new chapter in their lives, but it also means changes and challenges that can overwhelm your teen. As a parent, you’re most likely anxious about your child while feeling excited to see them pursue their goals and dreams. Many parents … Read more