Ways to Maintain Roller Shutter Doors

modern industrial unit with roller doors

Industrial roller shutters are an excellent way of safeguarding your business premises. They offer a secure and sturdy door that is almost impermeable to intruders or thieves. Everyone wants to get the most out of his or her investment for the business. You want to ensure that your roller shutter doors serve you for a … Read more

No Ketchup, Extra Mac Sauce: McDonald’s Automated Ordering is the Way of the Future

McDonald's Sign

Want a Double Quarter Pounder with no mustard, no ketchup, no pickles, but with added shredded lettuce and Mac sauce? You can order that without a hitch at a Philly’s McDonald’s. You no longer have to repeat your complicated order over and over again, thanks to the restaurant’s self-ordering kiosks. Located at 7500 City Ave., … Read more